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wow, sugar puss.

30 September 1991
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strange wonders

hey there. you've somehow wandered into the journal of Ellie, a twenty-year-old British girl, student of English Literature. I do some writing for magazines. I cannot cook to save my life. In typical English student fashion, I'm quite loquacious... I talk... a lot. I love the Bronte sisters. I'd rather read the entirety of War and Peace backwards than touch Thomas Hardy, the miserable git.

If you're sure that you meant to be here, here are some things that you should probably know about me:

  • I would sell my soul for a blueberry muffin. Luckily, however, they just take cash at most Starbucks.

  • One day, I'm going to be famous. Once they find a cure for laziness, lack of ambition and mediocrity.

  • I am obsessive, yet fickle.

  • I like to use lots of long, unnecessary words. English is most probably the best language I could have been born into.

  • I overwrite.

  • I am hopelessly shallow. My love of long, pretentious words often goes a long way to convincing people otherwise, but honestly: don't be fooled.

  • To read something actually useful about me, such as my friending policy or an idea of the sort of things I post, try here.

    PSA: My username used to be elki308, but it changed to wild-decembers in November 2010.

    You can find me on twitter at @sweetaboutme_x and on tumblr at ohhellsbells.

    Ralph is a babe. No pun intended.

    Fandoms and stuff

    Howl's Moving Castle. Catch 22. To Kill a Mockingbird. Persuasion. Wuthering Heights. Flambards. Frenchman's Creek. Gone With The Wind. Green Dolphin Country. A Prayer for Owen Meany. Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven. The Blind Assassin. His Dark Materials. Across the Nightingale Floor. Sabriel. Mortal Engines. Noughts and Crosses.

    Although this is really just scratching the surface. I read a lot.

    Stardust. The Mummy. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. Love Actually. Life of Brian. Mean Girls. Pretty In Pink. Inception. Serenity. My Fair Lady. Dirty Dancing. Grease. Breakfast At Tiffany's. An Education. Enchanted. X-Men. Pirates Of The Caribbean. The Lion King + Disney in general. The Notebook. The Princess Diaries. Bridget Jones's Diary. A Cinderella Story. Titanic.

    Ashes to Ashes. Blackadder. Bones. Buffy. Coupling. Doctor Who (2005). Downton Abbey. Firefly. Friends. Futurama. Glee. Gossip Girl. Grey's Anatomy. How I Met Your Mother. Life On Mars. LOST. The O.C. The Office (UK). Pretty Little Liars. Prison Break. Pushing Daisies. Robin Hood. Scrubs. Skins. Supernatural. Torchwood. The Vampire Diaries. Veronica Mars.

    (and here the shallowness comes out to play...)
    Jared Padalecki. Ian Somerhalder. Nina Dobrev. Jensen Ackles. Neil Patrick Harris. Billie Piper. David Tennant. Lee Pace. Joshua Jackson. Nathan Fillion. Chris Colfer. Kristen Bell. Leighton Meester.

    Sam Winchester is cuter than you.


    And Dean is... well. Y'know.
    adrian/rose, ashes to ashes, audrey hepburn, barney/robin, billie piper, blackadder, blackpool, bones, books, booth/brennan, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, caroline/stefan, cassandra clare, charlotte bronte, chocolate, clothes, corinne bailey rae, coupling, damon salvatore, damon/elena, dan/blair, david tennant, dawson's creek, dean winchester, diana wynne jones, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, dogs, downton abbey, elena gilbert, enchanted, epic brother love, ewan mcgregor, f*r*i*e*n*d*s, fanfiction, feeder, firefly, friends, futurama, gaming, garth nix, glee, golden sun, gossip girl, graphics, grey's anatomy, hanna/lucas, have i got news, himym, history, hotel dusk, howl's moving castle, howl/sophie, hugh laurie, ian somerhalder, inception, ipod, jace wayland, jack harkness, jack/gwen, james marsden, jane austen, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jensen ackles, joey/pacey, john barrowman, johnny depp, katherine pierce, keane, life on mars, literature, logan/veronica, lost, love actually, madeleine l'engle, make up, maroon 5, matthew perry, mcfly, michael/sara, monica/chandler, monty python, mortal instruments, movies, music, nanowrimo, never mind the buzzcocks, nina dobrev, nintendo, oasis, period drama, pets, philip pullman, philosophy, phoenix wright, playing piano, pokemon, potc, pretty little liars, pride and prejudice, prison break, pushing daisies, reading, reaper, rick/evy, robin hood, robin/barney, robin/marian, romance, rose tyler, sam motherfucking winchester, sam winchester, sam/dean, sara/michael, scrubs, shakespeare, skins, stardust, stefan/katherine, stephen fry, stravaganza, supernatural, take that, tamora pierce, terry pratchett, the mighty boosh, the mummy, the o.c., the office, the sims 2, the vampire diaries, the young ones, theatre, tim/dawn, top gear, torchwood, trudi canavan, tvd, vampire diaries, veronica mars, veronica/logan, writing, x factor,